SMAP Energy

Sector: Smart Energy
Product in demand: Smart Meter Analytics Platform
Product to be marketed: Smart Meter Analytics Platform
Product: Smart Meter Analytics Platform (SMAP) is a SaaS solution that allows utilities to analyse energy consumption data using advanced machine learning techniques to better understand and react to customer behaviour.
Service: Consumption visualization widget which easily presents consumption and cost information to the end-consumer laying the foundation for bespoke communication and increased customer engagement. Time of Use tariff design and optimization using proprietary algorithms to optimally design a TOU tariff and predict load curve shifts. Savings checker tracks the bills of new customers against what they would’ve spent on their previous plan to demonstrate savings, reduce customer churn, and increase customer satisfaction.
Partnership: Currently we are seeking to partner with energy players in Turkey to collaborate on tailoring our product for the Turkish Electricity and Gas market.
SMAP Energy has partnerships with 8 major electricity players in Japan (Looop Inc, Chubu, Hokurikko, Tokyo Gas, Infini Energy, Summit Energy, JX Oil and Gas, Showa Shell), and EDF blue lab in the UK, and EON in Germany.
Company representative: Mr Adnan Mortada - Cofounder and MENA Region Manager