Dear participants of 12th International Energy Congress and Expo,
Energy has become a much more strategic problem for countries, depending on many factors. Increasing consumption due to the excess demand for energy, which constitutes the most important pillar of sustainable development, necessitates to turn to new and domestic resources instead of import-based resources. At this point, many elements such as diversification of production, efficient and efficient use of natural resources, the supply, consumption, production and distribution of the maximum benefit from energy are emphasized.
Today, the fact that the energy sector, which is capable of causing many social, political and security problems, especially economic crises, is the most important component in the future planning of the countries is clearly evident.
During the 12th International Energy Congress and Expo, EIF 2019 the latest developments in energy markets will be discussed by large number of experts, managers and companies from both Turkey and foreign countries. The event will be held between the dates of November, 6-8, 2019 at Ankara Chamber of Commerce, Congresium Convention and Exhibition Halls, Ankara, Turkey.
The 11th International Energy Congress and Expo, hosting the entire Energy sector; I would like to express my sincere thanks on behalf of Ankara Chamber of Commerce and myself to all the contributors, who contributed to the Congress, as well as to your valuable participants, as well as to the contributions it will provide to the foundations of short, medium and long term, sustainable, renewable and reliable policies.
Gürsel BARAN
Ankara Chamber Of Commerce
Chairman Of The Board